• Where confusion ends, Business begins!

    Welcome the next revolution in the beauty industry- 1000Lookz Virtual Makeover
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    With our Virtual Make-up Studio, take your cosmetic business to the next level by helping your customers choose better.

    By empowering your hair stylists with our Virtual Hairstyle studio, infuse the much needed confidence in your customer.


A revolution in the cosmetic industry, this virtual makeover application allows customers to try on cosmetic items like eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, nail polish etc. on their own photograph. Bid the confusion good bye and make way for new levels of customer engagement.



Give your business a Midas touch and empower your hairstylists to communicate effectively. The virtual hair studio- MIDAS helps hair stylists show various hair styles and hair colors to customers on their own photo. Photo realistic and Futuristic, MIDAS will never let you down.

1000Lookz Virtual Makeover- The WHAT, WHO, WHY, HOW and WHEN!

  1. 1
    WHAT is Virtual Makeover?
    Virtual Makeover is the latest revolution in the beauty industry. This multi-platform technology allows users to try on Cosmetics, Hairstyles, Haircolors, eyewear and Jewelry virtually. By giving a futuristic insight into how something will suit them Virtual Makeover helps solve some of the biggest problems of the beauty industry.
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    WHO are we?
    We, 1000Lookz are one amongst the pioneers when it comes to the field of Virtual Makeover. Based on industry inputs, domain knowledge and a mission to solve the market problems of the beauty industry, our pride lies in being a problem solver rather than just being an entertainment application.
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    WHY should brands go for it?
    Customize 1000Lookz’s Virtual Studios with your own personal inventory. Empower your staff to communicate more effectively and gain customer’s genuine trust and confidence with the Virtual Makeover applications to back them up. Where confusion ends, business begins!
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    HOW it benefits- The customer side of the story
    Many customers or shall we say, most customers, do not know what exactly they want. Have the blind decisions of asking to buy lipstick after trying on hand backfired? Or has your stylist’s blind suggestion of a Hair color been received badly? Have you lost customers not because of your mistake, but because of the way the industry works in general? No more. Put an end to their misery with 1000Lookz and gain their confidence using our apps. Not only will they get to choose their change, but also be able to see their best makeover unfold right in front of them, realistic and free of cost.
  5. 5
    WHEN would be the right time?
    Times have changed and so should you. Stop spending on your tester packs; Help your staff to be more efficient; Help your customers to choose their change. 1000Lookz’s makeover apps are one of the best investment options with guaranteed ROI. It is high time for you to revolutionize your business and take it to the next level. 1000lookz’s virtual makeover solutions are multiplatform (Mobiles, Tablets, PCs, Web, Social Media, you name it!) and serve both the retail outlets and the e-commerce websites. Get in touch now!

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